Iberia Health Technology

Import, distribution and commercialization of sanitary products.

Iberia Health Technology has the SANITARY LICENSE for the operation of the installation of sanitary products as an Importer and Distributor company, granted by the SPANISH AGENCY OF MEDICINES AND SANITARY PRODUCTS of the MINISTRY OF HEALTH, SOCIAL SERVICES AND EQUALITY, which certifies the adequacy of its facilities and processes.

Iberia Health Technology has and updates the procedures to ensure that the handling, storage and distribution of the products is properly carried out. It has established and documented a traceability system with control and identification of each of the products it sells.


Our best service

For this we have the best collaborators

Their constant training allows them to advise and inform appropriately the different health professionals.

All days we gain the trust of our customers, given that in addition to distributing the most innovative Sanitary products, we guarantee a quality service under the UNE-EN-ISO-13485 standard.


Products of the highest quality

To meet the different needs in the field of health

At Iberia Health Technology we are constantly searching, analyzing and selecting new healthcare devices, in order to offer our users new means and methods that reinforce safety and efficacy.


Services to our customers

Iberia Health Technology has a specialized team to guarantee the best service and advice to our clients


Compliance with the traceability of all products from the point of departure to final delivery, which allows, among other things, to guarantee quality in production as well as the approval of suppliers.


We have the required licenses for the import and export of medical devices.


Control, execution of distribution and delivery of medical devices in the European Union.

Import and export

The adequacy of the necessary transport conditions for each type of product, whether by land, air or sea.


The management of procedures in customs and inspections of the process of importing medical devices.


We help our clients and advise them before importing their products on the specific legislation to import sanitary material and we help them to solve possible discrepancies due to non-compliance with the law and EC norms, labeling requirements, etc ...

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